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Journey through the majestic waterways of Tarpon Springs Florida. Experience panoramic views of paradise from a nautical perspective and let your cares melt away. As we glide down the Anclote River you will enjoy watching the dolphin jump and play. The Ospreys and Pelicans are always present out hunting for their next meal. Sighting of Manatees and Sea Turtles are always exhilarating. Experience Anclote Key and it's 1887 Lighthouse or journey to a local sand bar. See all this and more as you relax in luxury on your private adventure lasting 4 full hours. Enjoy the complementary beverages and tableware. Feel free to bring your own adult beverage, snacks or lunch. we also have a catering option available during  your cruise. Book this adventure for the time of day that works for you. If booked later in the day we could incorporate an ocean view sunset into your adventure.

4 hours up to 6 guests      $500.


With this cruise not only do you have the journey of the Sightseeing Cruise but add 

the destination of your choice. Stop to explore an Island, beach, town or State Park on this 8 hour long adventure. Your journey starts on the historic sponge docks of Tarpon Springs, then you will enjoy a leisure trip down the Anclote River and out into the Gulf of Mexico. At this point YOU decide where to go! Maybe travel the Intercoastal Waterway down to Clearwater or hop onto an uninhabited island like Three Rocker Island? Your Adventure Is Our Passion so allow us to make a lifetime of memories for you and your family or friends. 


8 hours up to 6 guests  $800.



Experience living aboard a yacht and life at sea. This adventure is reserved for 2 guest only. As the two of you travel and explore Florida's coastal waterways imagine waking up to a glorious sunrise over the water with a cup of hot coffee in your hands. Experience marina life by choosing to overnight at one of Florida's popular marinas close to restaurants and night life or "sleep on the hook" finding a quiet cove to anchor in for the night, grill steaks and watch the sun set. This is truly an experience of a lifetime. Overnight the night before or after the cruise at our marina add $50. per night.Overnights at other marinas are what ever the marina charges, generally $75. To $150. per night.

2 guests

2 day one night    $1500.

3 day 2 nights      $1900.

4 day 3 nights      $2300.

7 day 6 nights      $3300.



It is our honor to share this intimate time with you, and help you say good by to a loved one who has passed.  Our Ashes At Sea ceremony is respectful, peaceful and affordable.  Ashes are placed inside a paper box which is placed in a biodegradable wreath. The wreath is floated out to sea and then sunk.  The latitude-longitude coordinates are recorded for your memories. The paper box and wreath is provided. 



6 guests 4 hours $500. 


Remember you can always bring your own food and beverages and we have the cooler and refrigerator to store it. If you want to have it Catered, we can pick it up in advance of your cruise if you order from our list and pay them in advance. 


Tarpon Tavern


21 N Safford Avenue

Tarpon Springs, Fl 

Hellas Bakery and Restaurant


785 Dodecanese Blvd.

Tarpon Spring, Fl 34689




Your journey will take you all the way down the Anclote River where you will enjoy the picturesque sunset while also encounter marine life like dolphins and schools of fish. Enjoy our complementary beverages or bring along your own bottle of wine and hors d'oeuvres. This is a relaxing fun time for everyone or a romantic way to "pop the question" so the love of your life will happily recount the memory. 


2 hours up to 6 guests  $350.

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